La Mariquita del Cielo - Paso Fino
La Mariquita del Cielo has the classic Fino gait. It's as if she has a big Porsche engine in the rear due to the power and smoothness you'll feel aboard her. She is a show ring pro having earned the Title of Proficiency with 748 points before retiring to be a farm goddess. 

She would be the queen of any farm due to a very dominant personality with other horses. However, Mariquita is very safe around people, especially under saddle. She enjoys trail rides, has been to the beach several times and easily crosses streams and ponds.

Mariquita has three offspring, all fillies. The latest is out of MarcaPaso, Victoria, now 24 months old. Victoria will begin her training later this spring

She is currently not for sale.

Foaled: June 13, 1997

Modality: Paso Fino

Sex: Mare

Color: Gray



Asking: Not for Sale

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