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Paso Fino translates to "fine step" and naturally executes an evenly spaced four beat lateral gait. Both the Colombian and the Puerto Rican strains of the Paso Fino execute the lateral gait naturally, without the aid of training devices. As a result, Paso Finos are one of the most elegant as well as rideable horse breeds.


Corona Mas Fino is the Champion Pleasure Mare and Grand Champion Pleasure Mare from the 2010 Grand Nationals in Perry, Georgia. As a 3 year old she won the Performance Futurity title at the 2008 Nationals.

This mare is the total package! On the ground she acts like a Golden Retriever. She absolutely loves people. In the saddle she has the work ethic of a German Shepherd, controlled brio with so much energy.


Jugueton de Fantasy is a sweet and gentle, pleasure gelding. He has a beautiful grulla coat with the dark strip down his back and markings on his forelegs.
Jugueton's show ring experience includes regional wins at Ocala, Asheville and Spectrum Show, and placements in both Pleasure Geldings for Gold at Nationals and the Pleasure Geldings class. He has accumulated 416 points in the show ring.

Now retired from showing, he is an excellent trail horse and will go anywhere and handle any terrain. Although he has had swimming lessons and goes to the beach, he still prefers not to swim. But he has no problem crossing creeks and puddles. Jugueton also has experience with obstacles and loves to dress up for parades. This boy would love to have a special human that would give him their undivided attantion! .


La Mariquita del Cielo has the classic Fino gait. It's as if she has a big Porsche engine in the rear due to the power and smoothness you'll feel aboard her. She is a show ring pro having earned the Title of Proficiency with 748 points before retiring to be a farm goddess. 

She would be the queen of any farm due to a very dominant personality with other horses. However, Mariquita is very safe around people, especially under saddle. She enjoys trail rides, has been to the beach several times and easily crosses streams and ponds.

Mariquita has three offspring, all fillies. The latest is out of MarcaPaso, Victoria, now 24 months old. Victoria will begin her training later this spring.

Mariquita is currently not for sale.

  La Suprema de Mensaje loves attention. She's very outgoing and loves children. She is very neat and tidy in her stall, "vacuuming" up hay like a neatnik.
Suprema has lots of show ring experience with juniors. She has Level 2 Parelli experience and loves Parelli obstacle games.
She has a great "pleasure gait" is very trail-safe and loves to play in water.
Suprema tends to be the dominant mare in a herd and should not be paired with a similar mare or trouble may arise.
  Lunacita -   She has all the ground skills and is waiting for her chance to excel undersaddle.  More info soon.
  Reina Taina del Conde is a very sensitive and sometimes shy mare with a comfortable and elegant "pleasure gait" that the breed is famous for. She is great in a herd environment due to her lack of dominance.
Reina has extensive trail riding exposure and has been to the beach several times.  She was shown only a few times as a 3 and 4 year old in performance class.  She has been out of training for a year recovering from an injury.  She is now being conditioned and ridden again and is doing well.  Will post more photos as she gets back in shape and back on the trails!
  Protagonista de Fantasy
  Mandiosa -  Small build with beautiful black color!  Our current plans are to breed her this spring.    She is currently not for sale
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