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Trote y Galope is Spanish for ‘trot and gallop (or more correctly ‘canter')', however the breed name remains in Spanish as the gait action of the ”trote” is not a typical trot. The ‘trote' is a two beat, a much exaggerated diagonal gait, but with no suspension. So, there is no need to post. The front legs come up in a 90 degree angle and the horses look as if they are marching, even when they are just walking. They are born with this ability!

The ‘galope' is a three beat gait – a very collected ‘canter' and is incredibly smooth. It's like riding a carousel horse through clouds! When newcomers to the breed ride in the galope gait, it is so much fun that they cannot help but smile. Itis what we call the ‘galope grin'!

They are slightly larger than Paso Finos, which is attractive to the American market looking for a horse that is more substantial. They have an athletic build, and the thick, muscular, arched neck always makes an impression and is pleasing to the eye. Typically, their manes are ‘roached', which was originally for practical purposes, as they are working horses in Colombia . For show, it is not a requirement, it is done to accentuate their characteristically thick necks.

They make magnificent show and competition horses, however they can also be used for just about anything from ranch work and trail riding, to being the show stopper at a parade. These horses are even doing dressage.



Diva earned the 2010 National Champion Trote & Galope title at Perry, GA. This mare has a great work ethic and pours it on at shows with her personality and flashy presence. On the ground she is gentle and kind spirted.  Great manners and loves attention.  She's competitive on trial rides so hold on to your hat as she is a mover!

One foal, a buckskin filly out of Don Pepe also for sale.

  Aliada de la Luisa  -  this mare is for the experienced rider due to her brio ("controlled fire"). She is generally a safe horse but very responsive under saddle.  No longer in the show ring, she does limited exhibitions and is trail ridden. She is best known for the awesome babies she produces.  Watch for her Don Pepe filly, Corazonada, in the show ring later this year. She's due to foal again in late spring 2011.
  Little Diva (not formally named as yet) was foaled in Oct 2008 and is just starting her training.  She is a carbon copy of her mom in apperance and temperment.  She loves people and is a fast learner.  She leads, lunges, trailer loads, backs, stands for farrier and bathing!  It will be exciting to see how she moves undersaddle as she has a beautiful canter on the lunge line.

Corazonada - 2008 Don Pepe filly just started her training with Alonso Betancur in November 2010. This filly is showing great potential. She is very willing and accepting, and has an elegant trote gait.

We are excited to see what she offers in the galope!

She is not currently for sale.

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